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Bulk Malt

Ordering Bulk Malt and/or Direct Containers from BSG Distilling means you’re going through a lot, and need a strategic partner in handling the logistics of getting large amounts of malt to your distillery. Whether you’re ordering bulk malt and utilizing one of our  trans-load sites, or your ordering direct containers from over seas, we’re here to help.

BSG Distilling has trans-load sites around the country from which we handle bulk malt shipments:

West Coast – Northern California
West Coast – Southern California
Pacific Northwest – Washington
Rocky Mountain – Colorado
South – Texas
Midwest – Illinois
East Coast – New York
New England – Vermont
Southeast – North Carolina

Bulk Malt

When considering your bulk malt needs, here are some things we need to know:

  1. What product, and quantity?  We can order any desired amount, up to 50,000 lbs (which would be considered a full truck).
  2. Delivery Address
  3. Delivery date desired
  4. Name and phone number for delivery appointment at the distillery.
  5. Any special delivery instructions?  Dust sock, extra hose, offload rate (PSI), any obstructions (i.e., cars blocking silo) and anything else you think may be applicable information.

For all bulk malt inquires and orders, please contact Rachael Blom – Bulk Orders | 952-224-1389

Direct Containers

BSG Distilling also handles orders for direct containers.  If you are interested in ordering direct containers, here is what we would need from you to get the ball rolling:

  1. Product type and brand
  2. 25kg Bags, 1000kg Totes/Super Sacks or Bulk? 
  3. If ordering more than one product, specify number of bags or totes per type of product.
  4. Number of containers
  5. Delivery Address
  6. Delivery date desired
  7. Name and phone number for delivery appointment at the distillery.
  8. Any PO # they want listed on the order.
  9. If Bulk containers usually weight is 17.5MT per 20’ we need to know method of unloading a distillery uses:  Tipper, pneumatic, converyor belt, etc.
  10. For bags or totes max weight is 19.5MT for Weyermann® and 19MT for Crisp, Simpsons, Banks – per 40’ container.

For all direct container order inquires and sales, please contact Customer service: Phone: 1-800-374-2739 | email: