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Crisp Clear® Choice Pale Malt

Crisp Clear® Choice Pale Malt is recommended for hazy IPAs and other cloudy styles, where oxidative darkening of polyphenols is a concern. The clarity benefits of Clear® Choice Pale are not just evident in bottle, can and keg, but also help produce extremely bright cask beer too.

Color °L
1.7 - 2.5°
Moisture % Max
Extract FG Min
Usage Rate
Up to 100%


This specially selected barley variety has no proanthocyanidins; these are flavonoid polyphenols that impart astringency and also form chill haze with proteins in the final beer. After fining or filtration, the result is a super clear, shelf stable wort with beautiful honey sweetness.

*Limited availability at certain warehouse locations

Product Information Sheet

Beer Recipes Using Crisp Clear® Choice Pale Malt

German Kolsch

Low Gluten Pale Ale


Crisp Clear® Choice Pale Malt Tasting Video