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Crisp Light Munich Malt

Light Munich Malt, is a British 2-row malted barley with a well-rounded flavor profile that adds a beautiful subtle complexity to many beer styles.

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Color °L
Moisture % Max
Usage Rate
Up to 20%
Extract FG Min


The Crisp speciality malt is created by taking Vienna Malt a stage further in the kiln. The additional heat promotes melanoidin reactions to produce rich bread crust flavors. Again, Light Munich Malt can be used as a base since the enzymes are suitably preserved in this malt.

The use of Munich and Vienna Malts are not just for German-style beers – adding forward spicy notes with delicate pastry aromas.

*Limited availability at certain warehouse locations

Beer Recipes Using Light Munich Malt

German Maibock


Victorian Steampunk Ale

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