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Crisp Plumage Archer Heritage Malt

Plumage Archer Heritage Malt is smooth, sweet, and malty, with a hint of caramel

Color °L
Moisture % Max
Usage Rate
Up to 100%
Extract FG Min


Plumage Archer Malt was the world’s first commercially produced cross-bred barley. It was developed by Dr Beavan at Warminster Maltings. It had a similar impact on the brewing world as Chevallier Malt and for many years they sat side by side, each providing their own nuance to 20th-century British beers. Brewers savor its pale color, subtle palate and clean flavor.

Much like IPAs of old, it is at home as a supporting player to bold hop character, especially the fruity and aromatic new world varieties. It plays especially well in Hazy IPAs and it produces a delicate, fruity new make spirit for whisky.


Beer Recipes Using Crisp Plumage Archer Heritage Malt

20th Century NEIPA


Table Beer

Crisp Plumage Archer Tasting Video