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FENP – 10 L

Formerly known as Fruit Enhancer PLUS. FENP has more proanthocyanidic tannin components to emphasize a ripe berry character and a fruity, aromatic style.


With added proanthocyanidin from grape skins FENP increases the fruit flavor and aromas of the grapes, accenting the black berry fruit characteristics. This tannin is also useful for the polymerization of existing grape seed and oak barrel tannin, enhancing integration.

Tannin content ≈80 g/liter. The addition of 1 L / 1,000 L wine results in an addition of 0.08 g/L of Gallic acid.

Will help protect color extraction if added at fermentation. For mouth feel and flavor adjustments add after ML fermentation and 2 weeks before bottling.

Suggested rates: 1L treats 1500-4000L of wine.