Malting Company of Ireland

Distilling Malt - MCI

Malting Company of Ireland, Ltd. are manufacturers of quality malted barley to the brewing and distilling industries since 1858. Their malting house is located just south of the city of Cork in the southern part of   Ireland.

MCI ownership is shared between three Irish cooperatives - Dairygold, Glanbia and IAWS, who handle almost 50% of the Irish grain crop. All of their barley is grown under contract with seeds, sprays and fertilizers supplied by the cooperatives themselves, giving them full traceability from farm to customer. 

MCI’s lineage can be traced back to the floor maltings originally built in 1858 to supply the Beamish & Crawford Brewery. In 1965, a Boby drum plant was built in Ballincollig which also supplied Irish Distillers and Murphy’s Brewery. In 1998, the plant was expanded, then once again upgraded in 2000 bringing its capacity to 32,000MT. The current state-of-the-art facility is equipped with cutting edge malting technology – wash screw, CHP, full automation and in-house lab.

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