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BSG Distilling carries a variety of oak products that can be used for different applications.  We carry French oak products from Toasted Oak Inc. selected from the forests in the Allier region of France, the wood is aged for at least 2 years and then toasted by either fire, convection or infrared heat under controlled conditions to produce a uniform and uniquely delicious flavor profile for the discriminating winemaker.

We also carry Oak Infusion Spirals from The Barrel Mill®. Wood sources are American Oak from Minnesota forests (Quercus Alba), and French Oak from Allier forest in France (Quercus Sessilis). There are 4 different levels of toast: Heavy toast which brings pronounced caramelized, carbonized and smokey flavors very quickly. Medium Plus toast , which offers aromas of honey, roasted nuts and a hint of coffee and spices. Medium toast, which has less tannins and more bouquet. It has a warm, sweet character with strong vanilla overtones. Light toast, which provides fresh oak, coconut and fruit flavors.

Some notes about Oak Infusion Spirals

  • Barrel packs are composed of 6 nine inch spirals, linked in plastic mesh
  • Plastic mesh is food grade, metal clips are stainless steel
  • Toast levels are even, producing replicable results
  • Application Guidelines for Beer
  • Recommended use is 1 barrel pack for 300 gallon (~10 barrels)
  • Suspend the spirals in the tank
  • 100% extraction will occur within 6 weeks – monitor carefully and remove spirals when desired oak character is achieved (at least every week – seldom will a brewer want 100% extraction)