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Premium® Whisky-Lattone SG – 500g

Granulated tannin produced from American Oak, with a dense and complex aroma profile.


Premium® Whisky-Lattone SG Maturation and Finishing tannin – Complex bouquet, rich yet supple mouth-feel.

This tannin is extracted from toasted American oak, Premium Whisky-Lattone SG is characterized by its ability to enhance the structure and complexity of a spirit without overshadowing the original character. It is renowned for its refined nature even when used at higher dose levels. Aroma Profile: A dense complex aroma profile, cocoa powder, toasted coconut, char and allspice. Rich and earthy with subtle butterscotch overtones.


For use in distilled spirits, follow the dosage rate below – bench trials are essential to assess organoleptic qualities. Dissolve tannin in a 1:10 ratio with water. 


  • 5-40 g/hL for distilled spirits