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Startup™ – 5 kg

Startup™ is a non-DAP containing nutrient blend that provides the balanced nutrition for complete fermentation. It is also useful for stimulating slow or sluggish ferments.


Startup™ was formulated to provide all of the complex nutrition in Superfood®, but without inorganic nitrogen (DAP). It is perfect for musts that do not need extra nitrogen, or when winemakers want to add all their own DAP.


  • Rehydrating dry yeast
  • You want all the micro-nutrients in Superfood but want to use your own DAP
  • Your must already has enough nitrogen
  • Reinoculating stuck wines

Contains: yeast hulls, yeast extract, and vitamins. Contains no inorganic nitrogen (DAP)


  • High risk ferments:
    • 350 ppm (3#/1000)
  • Yeast rehydration:
    • 50 g/L rehydration water

See addition chart to adjust addition rates with measured initial YAN

Supplies 6 ppm YAN at 1 # per 1000G (12 g/hL)