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Formerly known as Vanilla Tannin. A dense concentration of the vanillin present in oak. Aside from giving a slight vanilla accent, it also produces a very smooth - almost creamy - addition to a spirit.


From toasted and untoasted French oak, VXA is rich in Cis and Trans Oak-lactone – a very dense concentration of vanillin, adding a very smooth, creamy texture to wine. The rates of use are much lower than other liquid oak profiles.

Tannin content (expressed as gallic acid equivalent) ≈100 g/liter

May be used during fermentation of chardonnay or other white wines. For color protection in reds, add after ML fermentation. For finishing mouthfeel / flavor adjustments add 2 weeks prior bottling.

Suggested use levels: 1Liter in 1,000 – 10,000 Liters (70% less in white wines)

Flavor Ingredient Data Sheet