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VXP 10 L

Formerly known as Vanilla Peach. Primarily used to add structure and mouth feel to WHITE wine and RED wine.


The tannins in  “VXP“ are already polymerized. They add more softness rather than harshness from a typical tannin addition. This tannin contains an addition of pro-anthocyan from Grape skin and seeds with an extended maceration. It will increase the fruit flavor of the wine . Reduces sulfur component by oxydation of ethanethiol and the combination with Thiols-polyphenols.

Tannin content (expressed as gallic acid equivalent) ≈100 g/liter when added at the 1 L per 1000 L rate.

Suggested use levels:

1 Liter of Tannin for 1000 L of wine with Red wines ( 1 gal / 1000 Gal ) and 1 liter for 3000 L in white wine ( 1 gal. for 3000 Gal )

Bench trial are recommended for white wines. Over dosage could cause turbidity.