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Weyermann® BIOLAND Pale Ale Malt (Organic)

Notes of bread, dried fruits, and honey.

Extract FG Min
Color °L
2.5 -3 .3
Moisture % Max
Protein Total
9.0 -1 2.5%


Produced from high-quality, 2-row spring barley, Weyermann® BIOLAND Pale Ale malt provides excellent body and pale color. It imparts a complex malty flavor with notes of bread, dried fruits, and honey. Processed for distinctively “English” characteristics, this organic malt is highly modified for use with either single or multi-step infusions. And the low protein and glucan levels make for easy lautering and high extract efficiency.

Malt produced from 100% certified organic cultivation*

NOP certificate available upon request

* certified organic by BCS (DE-ÖKO-001)