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Crisp Rye Malt

Crisp Rye Malt will impart a reddish hue to your beers leaving a slight haze and will also improve head retention and mouthfeel. Best for brewing Rye IPAs, rye pale ales, red ale and German style Roggenbier.

Color °L
6.0 - 10.0
Moisture % Max
Extract FG Min
Usage Rate
Up to 55%


In brewing, this malted rye when mixed with barley can improve head retention and mouthfeel, whilst introducing flavor changes of toffee and caramel notes at lower inclusion rates or earthy and spicy after-palate at higher inclusion rates.

Rye Malt is higher in beta-glucans which can cause issues with run-off at high inclusion rates – we recommend the use of rice or oat hulls

Rye Malt Beer Recipe

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