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Crisp Malt

Crisp Malt has been supplying the finest British malt to the brewing and distilling industry since 1870.

Crisp Malt is the 10th largest malting company in the world, founded in 1870 by two brothers; Crisp Malt has a deep passion for the flavour and science of brewing, distilling and malting.

Today Crisp Malt works in four countries, across seven malting sites, making barley for brewers and distillers worldwide, successfully blending their heritage and over 150 years of experience with modern technologies, automatic processes, advanced materials and innovative design to produce the finest British malt.

Their headquarters, based at the original site in Great Ryburgh, Norfolk, the maltings has expanded over the years to become their largest site. Here you will find the No 19 floor maltings, one of the last still in use in England.

Great Ryburgh is also where you will find the large batch Saladin and Redler plants, capable of procession 80 – 270 tonne malt batches respectively, plus the all-electric, super consistent Speciality Maltings Plant (SMP) that produces the coloured and crystal malts; the only one of its kind in the UK.

Each malting site adds to the diverse capabilities within Crisp Malt. They now have one of the most significant brewers’ malts and distillers’ malt product portfolios in the UK—producing everything in-house, including their non-malted torrefied cereals.

Crisp malt is available in 25kg / 55lb sacks, super sacks (totes), and bulk – please contact BSG sales to determine which size is right for you.  Smaller sample sizes are also available upon request.