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Rahr GN Zero Malt

Color °L
Moisture % Max
Extract FG Min
Diastatic Power
Protein Total
Usage Rate
Up to 100

Rahr GN Zero Malt is a premium distilling malt composed of Glycosidic Nitrile-free North American 2-Row barley. 

Rahr GN Zero’s technical specifications and flavor profile make it an excellent neutral base malt for any whiskey or spirit where you may want to use a barley malt. Ideal for a bourbon or American Single Malt Whiskey, it provides earthy and grainy characteristics while slight notes of bread crumb and sprouts play a supporting role. 

What is Glycosidic Nitrile (GN)? 
Glycosidic nitriles are organic compounds found in high volumes in some barley varieties once malted. Ethyl carbamate (EC), a carcinogen, is formed from GM during distilling. Many countries regulate EC levels, and the US may tighten regulations, making this a future-proof choice for your aging spirits.

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