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MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer

The MegaQuant™ Wave is a powerful yet user-friendly manual spectrophotometer.


The revolutionary MegaQuant™ Wave is the perfect investment for any wine laboratory. The MegaQuant™ Wave is a powerful yet user-friendly manual spectrophotometer ideal for laboratories performing up to 200 analyses per day. The MegaQuant™ Wave’s built-in software – engineered exclusively for Megazyme – is designed with advanced functionality that prioritises user convenience. Its streamlined design offers a touchscreen interface, superb optics, on-board curve-fitting software, and built-in printer to meet the requirements of modern laboratories and wineries.

Features include:

  • step-by-step instructions provided by pre-installed test protocols
  • capable of up to 4 absorbance readings per sample to accommodate sequential reactions
  • fully automated calculation of results, accounting for individual sample dilution

The MegaQuant™ Wave comes installed with protocols for almost all Megazyme wine kits covering a comprehensive range of analytes, and allows users to gain maximum value from our products by performing half-volume assays, thereby doubling the number of analyses possible per Megazyme kit. Choose the MegaQuant™ Wave: the perfect partner for your winery.”



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